Benefit Strategy
Evaluation Tools
HC21 plays an active role in many of our member companies' benefit renewal evaluations.  Our expertise in value-based purchasing distinguishes our evaluation tools from other tools that overlook the important tension between cost and quality.  Sharing successes with other coalitions through our national organization, HC21 offers an array of customized RFI's and analytical assessments proven to identify value based on cost and quality.
Custom RFIs and analysis of benefits
  • Health Plan, Data Cooperative, Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM), Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)
Endorsed Plans
As part of our commitment to quality, HC21 thoroughly evaluates and endorses health plans, dental plans and pharmacy benefit management organizations.
Performance Standards
HC21 has experience in developing rigorous provider guidelines with financial incentives to be used as performance guarantees.  Performance standards help clarify expectations, responsibilities and financial risk for performance outcomes between providers and purchasers.  Providers can use the opportunity to differentiate themselves from competitors and purchasers can use the data to help determine provider value.
Strategy Sessions
Along with your consultant or broker, HC21 can provide members with an analysis of options, as well as assistance in mapping out short and long term health benefit strategies.
Up-to-date information on trends and innovations
  • Consumer Driven Healthcare, Wellness Program Incentives, Disease Management, Predictive Modeling

Please contact Jeff Townsend - HC21 VP of Purchaser Services