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While a majority of our work focuses on how to address healthcare issues that help employers save costs while improving the health of their workforce, we also influence the communities we serve.

...Far-reaching benefits.

We established the College for Value Based Purchasing of Health Benefits, annually publish and distribute a Consumer Guide on Health, created the Data Integrator, support eValue8 to encourage health plans to improve their quality processes, host an annual Health & Productivity Forum, report on TN hospital adherence to national standards through the Leapfrog Group, offer members access to a PBM program, and we continue to research and disseminate ‘best practices’ in health care and health benefits. Each of these benefits have helped to improve health care in our region and our communities. 

In addition, member employees are given the opportunity to learn about a number of different issues, including diabetes prevention, smoking cessation, the problem of narcotics abuse and overuse, and more. This knowledge is shared throughout the community and the benefits are multiplied. 



There is power in numbers.

Be a part of ONE VOICE to build a value-based healthcare market.

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