The Value of Membership

As an employer, your second business is the health care business.

Join peers in curbing spend and steering the industry.

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Collaboration: More than Networking

  • Take an active role in collectively tackling industry pain points with other employers

  • Shift incentives between employers, carriers, and providers to improve cost, safety and quality

  • Find your blindspots by working with and learning from other employers who are beating market trend or struggling with similar challenges

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Change the Conversation by Asking  the Right Questions

  • Educational meetings position you to change dialogue with your current and future vendors, helping you establish priorities and set expectations

  • HC21 staff support on health benefit strategies, worksite programs, employee communications and health fairs help you execute change

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Participation: Active Involvement is an Effective Membership

  • Apply what you learn to your staff, vendors and market place

  • When you have the microphone, reinforce the message for change

  • Serving is learning. Join the board, a committee, a workgroup or the educational experience

  • Expect short term returns with long term gains


There is power in numbers.

Be a part of ONE VOICE to build a value-based healthcare market.