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Making A Difference

HC21 has helped improve the cost and quality of healthcare in Tennessee for more than two decades. Our coalition is a respected source for healthcare innovation in this region.

HC21 members are actively learning, communicating, and moving in the best direction.



For more than two decades, HC21 members have been a catalyst for creating dialogue and action. HC21 staff are dedicated and skilled to excel and adapt to the changing needs of our members and communities. We have ears to the ground and deliver a national presence with a local touch.



HC21 members have a competitive edge with FREE training and eductation on emerging topics and innovations. ​HC21 delivers proven methods of cost savings through improved plan design, consumerism, engagement, and a more productive work force. ​HC21 members also have the option to use their data to make better benefit decisions. 

We bring the solutions to you; access to cutting-edge research, case studies and lessons learned from national and regional leaders. We drive healthcare market changes and reduce costs by being a collective voice of influence. We are earnest in our ability to keep you informed about healthcare issues, while helping you navigate an ever changing healthcare terrain.




There is power in numbers.

Be a part of ONE VOICE to build a value-based healthcare market.

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