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HC21 members raise the issues, inform the community,

promote change, and drive accountability.

And because we know only cooperative relationships between all stakeholders can produce positive and progressive changes in the health of our local community and our society, HC21 was created as a multi-stakeholder organization that values different perspectives.

HC21 Purchaser members save time and money, find more value from their health plans, better manage their high-cost conditions, and improve the health of their covered population.

Whether you’re a health plan, hospital, provider, consultant/broker, pharmaceutical company, or other supplier of healthcare products and/or services – HC21 has benefits for you, and we need you to join our conversation!

HC21 members are positioned to make smarter decisions. They play an active role in driving healthcare market changes and reducing costs by being a collective voice of influence in Middle to East Tennessee; including Nashville, Chattanooga, Cleveland, and Knoxville.


There is power in numbers.

Be a part of ONE VOICE to build a value-based healthcare market.

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