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Business Groups Band Together to Use Healthcare Data to Gauge COVID-19 Impact on Employers

HealthCare 21, Pittsburgh Business Group on Health, and Central Pennsylvania Business Group on Health to partner with Innovu to provide potential impact of COVID-19 to members at highest risk.

KNOXVILLE – March 23, 2020 – HealthCare 21, Pittsburgh Business Group on Health, and Central Pennsylvania Business Group on Health today announce they are launching an initiative to help better inform employers about the impact of COVID-19.

The combined efforts of the business groups are leveraging their healthcare data partner, Pittsburgh-based Innovu, to track populations in their states relative to the effect of COVID-19 on their members and the virus’s potential economic impact on business.

All three business groups have directed Innovu to track COVID-19 testing as soon as the codes are released to the providers for billing. In addition to tracking COVID-19 testing, the business groups have asked Innovu to prepare to track potential medications that might be used to thwart the virus.

The business groups seek to understand the broader societal impact of the coronavirus, and have charged Innovu with providing data around changes to mental health and substance abuse claims, the overall impact of potential over or under utilization of claims, as well as the impact on patients with chronic conditions.

“Innovu clients can access their company dashboards and view any subset of their population as frequently as they desire” said Gaye Fortner, President and CEO of HealthCare 21. “In these extraordinary circumstances, quick access to relevant data is essential in helping employers proactively address care gaps and protect the overall health of their organizations.”

The analyses will be compared against Innovu’s vast benchmark to identify cohorts by age bands, geography or industry, including:

● Tracking and measuring data as close to real time as possible across all the vendors that work with the employers in all Innovu coalition partners

● Ability for business groups to partner with providers on market specific clinical indicators and share the results in their communities

● Use of data in partnership with advisors allowing employers to make benefit offerings decisions as needed to provide employee support

More information about the participating business groups may be found at:

● HealthCare 21 Business Coalition on Health:

● Pittsburgh Business Group on Health:

● Central Pennsylvania Business Group on Health:

To learn more about Innovu’s platform and services, please visit

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