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Updated: Nov 14, 2018

HC21 President/CEO, Gaye Fortner, is attending the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions (NAHPC) Annual Forum in Washington, DC this week (November 12-14, 2018). In addition to benefiting from hearing and networking with several national experts, Gaye moderated a panel discussion on opioids during the Monday forum session. HC21 member, Laurie Lee (State of TN) was included on the panel.

Gaye Fortner (Left) and Laurie Lee (Right) participate in a panel discussion on opioids in DC>

This annual event brings together thought leaders, policymakers and key healthcare experts from across the country to share their insights and expertise. Interactive sessions center around emerging trends, innovations, and purchaser opportunities in the ever-changing healthcare marketplace. 

PBM thought leaders participate in a discussion on the future of the industry. Seated Left to Right; Mike Stull, CMO, Employers Health; Mohannad Kusti, MD, Corporate Medical Director, United States Steel Corporation; Eric Michael, Pharmacy Benefits Manager, Practice Leader, PricewaterhouseCoopers; Wayne Windgarden, PhD, Senior Fellow, Pacific Research Institute; and Chris Goff, JD, MA, CEO & General Counsel, Employers Health

Among attendees were many of the sister coalitions HC21 works with annually, as well as HC21 member organization Knox County Government, represented by Khrysta Baig (Benefits Director).

Pictured: Jessica Brooks, MPM, PHR, CEO/Executive Director, Pittsburgh Business Group on Health, with Gaye Fortner, President/CEO, HC21

Here are a few key take-aways...

Six ways to spend smarter for healthier people:

1. Reduce tobacco use

2. Control blood pressure

3. Improve antibiotic use

4. Control asthma

5. Prevent unintended pregnancy

6. Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Cost of Chronic Disease

1. Diabetes- $245 Billion

2. Heart Disease and Stroke- $190 Billion

3. Cancer- $174 Billion

4. Cigarette Smoking- $170 Billion

5. Obesity- $147 Billion

Antibiotic Resistance

1. More than 2 million illnesses caused annually by antibiotic resistance

2. More than 20,000 deaths caused annually by antibiotic resistance

3. Direct healthcare costs- $20 Billion

4. Lost productivity costs- $35 Billion

Annually, NAHPC offers scholarships for HC21 members to attend their event. If you're interested in attending in 2019, please contact us to have your spot reserved.

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