HC21 promotes…
  • Value Based Purchasing- Purchasing health benefits while considering a combination of price, service, and quality.
  • Performance Measurement- Measuring the performance of health care and health benefit suppliers such as health plans, hospitals, physicians and brokers.
  • Consumerism- Involving the consumer in purchasing, reducing risk and to a reasonable extent, the cost of healthcare.  Given the right incentives and information, consumers are adept at making value-based decisions and improving their personal health.

Our strategy is to...
  • Improve the health of the community (employees, consumers,  public)
  • Improve the purchasing process (employers and employees)
  • Improve the health system (health plans, hospitals, providers)

In adherence to our mission statement, we are a…
  • National Leader in Controlling Prescription Costs
  • National Leader for Patient Safety
  • Regional Leader in Evaluating Health Plans
  • Regional Leader in Promoting Consumerism
  • Regional Leader in Employee Communication of Health Information
HealthCare 21 Business Coalition (HC21) is a non-profit, member driven organization committed to improving the quality and cost of healthcare in Tennessee and the surrounding region. HC21 believes only cooperative relationships between employers, health plans, hospitals and providers can produce positive and progressive changes in the healthcare of our local community and our society.

Bulletin Board

December 4, 2014
Obesity Education Continuum:
Bariatric Surgery Update

November 1, 2014
Regional Medication Collection Event

October 2, 2014
Benefit Design to Help Cut Weight and Costs

June 19, 2014
Economics of Obesity Risk Mgmt

May 6, 2014
17th Annual Health & Productivity Forum
"The Good, The Bad, The Ugly..."

April 2, 2014
PharmaU Presentations

March 12, 2014
Focus on ACA Updates & Exchanges

January 21, 2014
Affordable Care Act Webinar:
An Employer's 2014 Action Plan

Affordable Care Act resources are now available via our Links page.